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              Farley’s Castle’s mission is to deliver seamless, protected, environmentally-aware experiences for a globally connected world.  We would not be in business for this many years if it was not for our amazing fans and followers.  Below are some comments from a few of our fans!  To learn more about Farley’s Castle please click on the ‘About’ tab.  In order to read Farley’s Castle famous blog posts please click on the ‘Blog’ tab.  If you would like to view and/or order merchandise please click on the ‘Merchandise’ tab above.  Thank you for choosing Farley’s Castle!

Fans and Followers of Farley’s Castle:

“Thought provoking, deep, completely stupid, politically incorrect, inspiring, asinine, funny as hell! Some said your blog wouldn’t last, and here you are, at #500!  I guess some don’t recognize genius when it walks in our midst.  Congrats Farley’s Castle, keep slinging that ink!”- Marty C. (Community Relations)

“Farley’s Castle is awesome. It keeps me updated because it lets me know what is going on in your world.” -Austin F. (Professional Hockey Player)

“A morning without a daily read of the Farley’s Castle blog is like a morning without your cup of coffee, you just can’t seem to get your day going! A fun, intriguing and often educational read, Farley’s Castle never leaves you without a smile! -Sarah R. (Exercise Physiologist)

“Farley’s Castle is pure entertainment! It keeps you laughing and will always put a big smile on your face!- Neil D. (Broadcaster)

“Farley’s Castle means to me a slice of happiness in the hectic working world.  It is a great place to escape for a quick laugh.” -Nicole N. (Attorney at Law)

“The blog is extremely entertaining and thought provoking. The blog asks questions and makes you think. Reading the blog is a great way to start my morning.” -Jackie L. (Homemaker)

“An updated blog on Farley’s Castle always puts a smile on my face. It is light hearted, sometimes politically incorrect but fun to read!”- Maureen G. (Sales Consultant)

“Farley’s Castle is full of laughter, random thoughts and things that might be illegal.” – Erin F. (Amazing Mom)

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