Dream Big!

To all Farley’s Castle fans (And the random drunks that accidentally end up on the website)!!! Last year in 2015 we reached 1,482 visitors; thank you for all the support! However, this year I would like to double last years viewers.  By January 1, 2017 I hope to reach 3,000 viewers! If I reach my goal of 3,000 viewers, I will donate some form of genuine Farley’s Castle merchandise to 50 fans who comment on any one of my blogs!

*Only the people that comment directly on the blog will be allowed to participate in this offer!  This means that commenting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Email etc. will not be allowed.  If you click the link on the preceding forms of social media or email, it will direct you to my blog.  From there you can comment and/or like any blogs you so desire.  Please leave you name and email in the boxes below the comment box (emails are not shared publicly)!  We at Farley’s Castle are looking forward to hearing from you!

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