Farley’s Castle Rules of the Road 

I’m going to go open my own Drivers Education school. People on American roads cannot drive. I will have a few basic rules posted in the classroom. Here are some of Farley’s Castle Rules of the Road:

Left lane- This lane is for passing only. If you are going 15 mph under the speed limit then move. 

Posted speed signs- The speed posted, is the speed you go. You may exceed the speed to a reasonable amount. Do not go under the speed limit. 

Two lanes- If the street looks as if two cars can fit into the lane… Then two cars can fit into that lane. 

Family matters- Please do not stick your fake family in the back window of your car. Also if you stick them and it’s only you and a pet then you should rethink your life. 

Bumper stickers- Limit your bumpers stickers to a maximum of six. It is not the 90s anymore…shape up. (Yes six is high but I was only being reasonable) 

Political stickers- If your political bumper sticker is for a candidate that lost…then please remove it. If the sticker was for an election years and years ago…then please remove it. 

Texting and driving- I know you are important but put the phone down. Also for a computer…put it down and go to your Starbucks so you can try to look important there. 

  • Thank you for reading some of Farley’s Castle Rules of the Road! More will be posted in the future! 

One response to “Farley’s Castle Rules of the Road ”

  1. Don’t forget to comment on the fact that If someone puts their turn indicator on it is not to steal your space, but rather to let you know that they are changing lanes!

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