Life Lessons from Movies 

After watching the numerous hours of movies and television shows I have learned, so far, five life lessons. 

1. Don’t be greedy. (Usually you lose everything in some tragic way) 

2. Kill the person right away. (Don’t stand there talking because they usually get away and kill you or you get caught)

3. Don’t make fun of the little guy. (He usually ends up becoming the hero of the story and kicking the sh*t out of you) 

4. Don’t split up. (Usually more people die or get lost this way- only spilt up with the people you don’t like) 

5. Don’t snoop around other people’s business. (If they’re a nice person then don’t worry about what they actually do for a living. Snooping only causes problems and people get hurt)

*More Movie Life Lessons will be posted in future blogs. If you have any lesson ideas please post, comment, tweet, text, email, etc. and you’ll receive a shoutout and have your idea posted. 

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