While on the road I sometimes see a few people from previous generations that drive illegally. They will drive under the speed limit, drive too close, miss stop signs, not use turn signals, etc. One day I was upset when a person of a seasoned age was driving in the left lane fifteen miles under the speed limit. The speed limit was 55 mph, minimum 45 mph. The person was traveling 40 mph tops in the left lane, which is used for faster moving traffic and/ or passing vehicles. There were two laws that were broken. As I was waving at them to move over, Kayla said, “Oh be nice they’re old.” This was an ageist comment. She judged that persons’ driving abilities on their age. I simply judged the driver on their ILLEGAL driving habits. If that person shot someone or robbed a bank would Kayla still use their age as an excuse? The law is the law regardless of age! 

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