History in the USA

Farley’s Castle rarely gets involved in politics. However, after recent events in Virginia about the historical statue being destroyed, some ideas need to be shared. Racism, prejudice, sexism, bigotry, etc. is wrong. People are always entitled to their beliefs and ideas. But destroying a historical statue is just wrong. This county has been through many changes over these 241 years. Having these statues, landmarks, flags, etc. are good reminders of how people thought and acted years ago. Why bury the past when we are taught to learn from it? How can we learn from our past when we destroy it from existence? George Washington owned slaves; should we destroy the Washington Monument? Thomas Jefferson owned slaves; should we destroy the Jefferson Memorial? People need to grow up and start acting their age and not their shoe size. You want something to change don’t cry, pout and destroy things. Thank you and God bless! Once again Farley’s Castle does not care about politics! 

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