Merry Farley’s Castlemas 

The other day I went to Jackie and Sean’s to drop of a few gifts off for mini Chuck. As I walked in and looked around I couldn’t find anyone. I started walking upstairs, downstairs and even in the backyard. As I walked towards the back of the house I saw the whole fam napping on the couch. So I placed the gifts nicely on the table and took off. When I arrived back at my home I realized that I did not leave a note or a name on the gifts. It was safe to say they were very confused when they woke up. Never before in my life have I felt like ole’ St. Nick! So now this will become a trend known as Farley’s Castlemas! I will go into people’s houses on random days leaving presents with no name! Merry Farley’s Castlemas! 

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