How to Make Chicagoans Mad 101

Here is a list on how to make Chicagoans mad: (I use most of these daily)

1.  Say you’re from Chicago when you’re from a suburb. 

2. Act like you have never used public transportation. 

3. Say you’re a Cubs and Sox fan. 

4.  Put ketchup on everything but say you don’t because you’re from Chicago. 

5. Put ketchup on everything but say you don’t because you’re from Chicago but in reality you’re really from the suburbs. 

6.  Say Vienna Beef is good but Ball Park Franks are better. 

7. Call the EL the subway. 

8. When going somewhere show up early or right on time. 

9. Put ranch on deep dish pizza. 

10. Say the best pizza you had was in a little rural town far from Chicago. 

11. Wear your belt through security at Ohare Airport. 

12. Call the Sears Tower the Willis Tower. 

13. Give up your seat on the subway, I mean EL. 

14. Ask for directions when you’re a block away from the destination. 

15. Look up at all the buildings when walking downtown. 

16. Call the Chicago suburbs the city. 

17. Use a turn signal when merging lanes. 

18. Stand on the escalator don’t walk. 

19. Feed the pigeons. 

20.  Go to jury duty. 

These are only 20 of the hundreds of things that will make the people of Chicago mad!  More will be soon to come! 

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