Telemarketing Scam

  • Today I was the victim of a telemarketing scam. He said he worked for the IRS and after multiple questions I was getting worried about my welfare. Now the whole time he didn’t ask for money which made me think this wasn’t a telemarketer. However I knew it was a scam because, I am an educated citizen of the United States and understand that the IRS will never call you but simply send you a letter through the United States Postal Service. So I decided that I needed something to do during my 35 minute drive home from work. After 25 minutes I decided to tell him the gig was up. He was very polite about the whole ordeal. After learning his name and company he turned out to be a swell guy. He told me about how his scam works and how silly people actually fall for these scams. I enjoyed my 34 minute phone call with Kobo from Indonesia who works 10 hour days (I won’t release anymore information Kobo). If anyone would like to contact him his information is below.

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