Every morning I wake up and read, “On This Day” from The History Channel. You learn a great deal of information from the past. This morning I awoke in a tired daze when all of the sudden something shocked me awake. One long segment of the page was committed to one exceptional athlete. This man was accused of a crime in 1994 and it took him 252 days to plead his innocence. The man I am discussing is Orenthal James Simpson or better known as, O.J. This man spent 252 arduous days behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, according to the courts. What’s even crazier is he wrote a book detailing the incident saying if he were to do it, this is how he would do it. Not only an athlete but a great novelist as well. So ladies and gentlemen, on this day in 1995 O.J. walked the streets a free man. Later he was arrested for a crime and found guilty, but that’s another blog.

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