Little Fibs

When we were growing up my parents always told us little fibs to keep us quiet. These fibs were things such as, “If you keep making that face it will get stuck like that,” or, “if you keep playing with it, it will fall off,” and one of my personal favorites, “sitting to close to the tv will make you go blind.” These are only a few of the little white lies that I’m sure most parents told their kids. Although these lies are mostly harmless, it allowed children to trust their parents and see them as a wise source of knowledge. The only way we found out the truth was when we grew older and become more educated. Now times have changed drastically. Kids have the power of google and smartphones in the palm of their hands; literally. They can search any of these false statements in less than a second. So what do parents do now? Now parents can tell their children what every parent wants to say, “because I said so” or “do it again and you’re going into timeout.” There are a few other phrases I’m sure you can think of on your own (wink wink)!

2 responses to “Little Fibs”

  1. How about telling them and if they Google any of those “little fibs” that a pedifile will track down their IP address and steel them from their home family; It’s worth a shot 😉

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