My brother and his family are taking a road trip out of town for Presidents’ Day weekend. My nephew who is five years old is worried about his fish so he asked me to take care of him. Me being the favorite uncle of course said no. But after several minutes of him pestering me I agreed. So I now have this little fish which I have to feed everyday. All of the sudden I began thinking of all the mean things my older brother did to me. So I thought of an idea that would really give my brother and sister-in-law a run for their money. I was thinking about replacing the fish with something completely different. I began running down the list of animals and one really stood out to me. What if I replaced the fish with a baby alligator… I would simply tell my nephew that I accidentally gave the fish to much food and when I came down the next morning he looked like that. I think it would be hysterical. Why do my fans think? Should I do it?!

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