Flu Season and Masks

Lately I have seen many people wearing the protective ear loop disposable masks (aka surgical masks) out in public. I know it is flu season but I feel more people have been wearing these masks than normal. This could also be due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Either way I keep wondering if the person is contagious or cautious. I want to know if I am at risk or if they are. To combat this thought I have decided to go about this in two ways. The first way is every time someone is wearing a mask I will couch and/or sneeze around them. I will wait and see what their reaction is. If they freak out or move quickly I will know they are being cautious. If they stand there and look at me then I know I am the one at risk. Either way it will be a good experiment. Oh there is a third idea I have in mind. I will be the one to wear a surgical mask and walk next to someone. Then just as I’m about to sneeze I will remove the mask. After the sneeze I will look at them and simply go, “oh no” and quickly walk away. I believe this will be the reaction I am looking for.

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