Donations or Sales

This isolation due to this Covid-19 pandemic has really been messing with my head. I have found myself researching random ideas and facts. I found out in order to sell or donate your sperm you must pass a series of intense tests and qualifications. For example, you must be at least 5’ 10”. This really upset me because for someone like myself who is vertically challenged, I found this to be a clear case of heightism. Due to my upset nature I decided to call Thomas to discuss my concerns. I said to Thomas, “can you believe this, they won’t take my sperm because I’m not five foot ten.” Thomas responded, “Ha-ha you have to be five foot ten? That sucks, sorry man.” But then I kept reading the qualifications. I said to Thomas, “Hey wait you can’t donate either… it says here sexual partners must be exclusively female.” The phone went silent after that. That sure showed him to be a heightist!

P.S. I have nothing against people that have relations with the same sex. This was merely for entertainment and humor purposes. If I offended you please allow me to fix that by having you not read my blog. Stay safe everyone!

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