Food Reviews

Recently I have been reading many restaurant reviews. I usually read them after I attend a new establishment. However, lately I’ve been reading them for random places. Most of the reviews for these places are four stars or above, with many positive comments. But lately I have been reading reviews to less “hospitable” restaurants or at least that’s what the reviews suggest. I’m not talking about dumps and dives or even your local eateries. I’m talking about your basic chain restaurants such as Chili’s, Applebee’s or even The Olive Garden. It always amazes me some of the people that come to review these places. For instance one Applebee’s reviews had three out of five stars and several nasty reviews. Most of the reviews start with, “now I’m not one to complain” or “I rarely do this”. I just want to respond with, “listen here Helen the fact that you wrote a 2 paragraph essay on why not to attend a local Applebee’s shows me that this clearly isn’t your first time”. Also stop going to Applebee’s every week, it isn’t a TGI Friday’s for crying out loud.

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