Stop the Spread!

Covid-19 still continues to spread throughout this country. I have sat by and kept my mouth shut long enough. I have created an east plan to help people that are living in apartments, condos, townhomes, etc. I have shared my ideas with my roommate and I don’t think he is entirely on board yet. So I have decided to test out plan next time he goes out of town. In order to combat the spread, I am going to start placing my garbage in a black garbage bag with duct tape it around a few times. This will prevent the garbage from spilling out and the bag from ripping. Then I will drag the bag down the stairs and put it into the dumpster. After this I will quickly wipe things down with bleach in order to stop the spread of Covid. I will also wear an apron, gloves and a mask. I have read this is also important to help slow the spread. To get a visual representation of what I will be wearing and what the bag will look like please see the pictures below. Join me in stopping the spread! Also before you tell your neighbors your plan, try it out yourself to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

One response to “Stop the Spread!”

  1. Go to Home Depot and buy some strong bleach… pay by credit card… and be sure you smile at the security camera!

    Remember; mask it or casket G!

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