Wearing a Mask is an Easy Task

People keep complaining about how wearing a mask sucks and they think they’re useless. I used to agree with these people, however, recently my thought process has changed. No-no, not because they can save lives or prevent the spread of Covid-19. I changed my mind about masks because of how they prevent many foul odors from entering your nostrils. I recently noticed this while I was in the store. As I took a quick mask break in a somewhat vacant aisle I noticed a terrible smell. I put the mask back on and the smell seemed to disappear. It took me a little while to figure out where the smell was coming from. Then I realized the man a few feet away from me was not wearing deodorant. This is when I realized the power of the mask. It blocks your smell senses! I decided to test this new found discovery. I walked up and down the aisle releasing a foul smelling odor. Typically people would look around or give a dirty look. But this time was different. People just kept shopping as if they didn’t notice! Of course the mask does block many facial expressions so it was difficult to tell sometimes; but that’s a minor hiccup. For now I believe the mask should always be worn in most public places.

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