Masks are a Joke. Let us Smoke

There is a lot of controversy about wearing masks inside. Some people say, “what is the point” or “do these things really work.” While others say, “these masks save lives.” Well I agree and disagree with both sides. However I have decided to take a different stance on the subject. I researched how effective N95 masks are against airborne particles. I have found that these masks actually block 95% of particles, hence the name N95. As I dug deeper into my research I also found these masks block harmful carcinogens such as those in cigarette smoke. With all this information I have created a solution that will stop all these arguments. I propose all bars and restaurants that require masks allow smoking indoors. I mean it only makes sense. The mask block Covid pathogens almost the same way as smoke particles. Please join my petition to bring back smoking indoors. Join the chant and hashtag, “Masks are a Joke. Let us Smoke.”

One response to “Masks are a Joke. Let us Smoke”

  1. As I always say “ mask it or casket”… but then again, if you’re smoking you’er pretty much saying that I’m okay with anything killing me.

    We are all the master of our own destiny and should live our lives however we want as long as we don’t infringe on others to do the same 😊

    Long live the King!

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