The other day I was reading a news article about a man named Melvin Martin Jr. that killed his girlfriend. While I was reading I was expecting the usual, domestic dispute turned bloody. Although this was the case, there was also a different twist on the story. The article stated how Martin travelled from Louisville to Chicago with several bags of luggage. He stayed with family members for the night but kept asking them for clothes. Of course the family members thought this was strange because he had so many bags of luggage. After Martin left, his family checked his bags and discovered an eerie sight. The family found Martins girlfriend dismembered and stuffed into multiple suitcases. Immediately the family alerted the authorities (snitches) and had Martin arrested. While Martin was being arrested a police officer asked him why he brought her all the way to Chicago. Martin simple stated, “I wanted to remain with her, or at least part of her.” I tell you that’s true love right there!

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