The Barstool Fund

At Farley’s Castle we try to steer away from politics as best as we can. However, in today’s changing climate of nut job politicians I have decided to break away from that today. Small businesses are being shut down and s**t on by the US government and it’s a disgrace. I am tired of people pointing fingers sayings it’s the Republicans or the Democrats when in the end it’s our whole government system. The United States of America was created because we were oppressed by a tyrannical government. Well today it’s sad to say, but the government that we have feared so much has mutated into the disgusting filth we see in Washington, D.C. I have seen very few people that want to speak out publicly about “our” authoritarian rulers. However, David Portnoy of Bar Stool Sports has broken his silence and has lashed back at the government in a great way. Portnoy has created a fundraiser for small business in order for them to keep their livelihood and also pay their employees. I urge you to read the article attached below.

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