North of the City

The other day while I was enjoying reading the Sunday newspaper something really stood out to me. A title read, “Person shot and Killed while Several Injured North of the City.” The shooting portion was not the part that stood out to me. Chicago shootings are simply tallies on a chalk board at this point. The geography of the article is what stood out to me. With the title saying north of the city one would assume the shooting happened in Jefferson Park, Norwood park or heck even Evanston; however, this was not the case. The shooting happened in Kenosha. For those of you unfamiliar with that area, Kenosha is in Wisconsin. That is about a 65.9 mile drive. And for those that like to “nitpick”, then yes technically Kenosha is “north” of the city. However, that does not justify the means of using the term north to describe the location. If that’s the case then south of the city is Decatur and west is Dubuque. The only justification for this writing is to assume that the author of the article is from Naperville and they insist on calling themselves from Chicago. Because in their defense they live in a “suburb” of Chicago.

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