Hello Neighbor

While I was driving I noticed a nice-young couple moving into a house. They were so happy even with all the boxes stacked up outside. This made me think. What if I show up to a recently sold house wearing a military uniform and pretend that I used to live there? I would act as if I didn’t know my parents sold their house or where they move to. The couple would be very taken back but at least I could get a free meal out of it. After considering this I decided that it wasn’t funny enough. So I changed my mind about the whole situation. Instead I decided, what if I show up to the house acting as if I was recently paroled from prison. This would make the new home owners really on edge. I would mention how my parole officer had me put my parents address, but I didn’t know they moved. After a few minutes I would of course tell the couple it was a joke and welcome them to the neighborhood.

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