Banned From eBay

In todays age there have been many instances of people being banned from airlines, restaurants and many more establishments. After watching videos of some of these negative interactions it is very easy to understand why these people would be banned. Now personally I have only been banned from a few local and national establishments; some of these shall not be discussed. I thought I was a rebellious soul, however, after hearing Meghan’s story I have realized that my probational status in various organizations seem like nothing. Meghan and I have been trying to buy wedding supplies on different websites. In order to save money I suggested we search eBay. After several awkward moments Meghan finally admitted how she is permanently banned from using this online platform. I had a very questionable look on my face as to not why but how can a person be banned from using a website such as eBay? I understand being blocked from Facebook or Twitter because they are social media platforms that want to limit free speech to only those that they deem are worthy; but an e-commerce corporation such as eBay? It turns out after selling something on eBay Meghan refused to pay the seller fee on a product. Instead of paying the fee and moving on Meghan decided to not pay the fee and fight the power. Due to refusing to pay the fee, eBay sent a deficiency letter and threatened to revoke her eBay privileges. Well eBay finally collected on their promise and Meghan is now banned from the service. This has been a first for me and I still have many questions. However it really makes you wonder where else have people been banned from?! Because of this story I have decided to start a new segment, “Banned from WHERE?!” If you, or anyone you know, have been banned from somewhere please send in your story because we would love to hear it!

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  1. Banned from Twitter and never posted. I have no idea how to fix it. Tried, but not tech savvy enough, nor do I have the time or energy into figuring out. So I remain twitterless…forever.


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