Fake Acting in Hollywood

After watching several movies I have noticed that Hollywood incorporates binge drinking in several movies. I am not upset on how drinking is portrayed in media, I am simply upset with how actors react during and after drinking. If you watch closely actors can rip shots and chug beers without any issues. Now I am not saying they can or can’t handle their alcohol in real life. All I am saying is their acting is not believable. If these actors could really hold their own then their six pack abs would be more of a one pack. I have seen townies at a pub that can finish a bottle and a case in one sitting and let me tell you they are not going to the gym in the morning to work on their physique. Another reason the acting is not believable is because the next morning, after pounding a handle of scotch, they are waking up bright and early ready to go. If they really wanted to make it believable they would pour a fresh beer and toss an egg in it. Now I am not trying to question the director or actors decisions. I am simply just trying to make it look more natural. If anyone in Hollywood would like to reach out I would happily provide my consulting services to help their films reach their fullest potential.

2 responses to “Fake Acting in Hollywood”

  1. After you are done working on this issue; see what you can do to make John Wick movies a little more realistic 😉

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