Quarantine Fitness Plan

Lately I have noticed my workout plan and dieting have completely gone out the window. For those of you who are in the same boat I wanted to share some beneficial information I have learned. Lately I have started to do simple sit-ups, push-ups and burpees during commercials. I tell you I feel great! Not only am I working out but I have also watched so many seasons of my favorite shows on Netflix. Oh and the movies on Amazon Prime have been great!

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RIP Mr. Diffie

Today marks a very sad day in this country. A great musician and American legend has passed away. Joe Diffie has been one of the biggest influences in country music. He truly showed what a “pick up man” is. Thoughts and prayers are with you Mr. Diffie. You have now left this Earth, the third rock from the Sun. Yee Yee!

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Open the Doors

Farley’s Castle will open up the doors for drop off. Hash tag stay alive the end will come. We’re opening back up for koozies and bumper stickers.

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I Walk the Line

“Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.” – Johnny Cash

Happy birthday to the Man in Black! John R. Cash was born on February 26, 1932. Most people don’t know that Johnny Cash’s real name was in fact J.R. Cash. When he entered the U.S. Air Force he was not permitted to use the initials so he changed it to John.

Johnny Cash 1969 San Quentin Prison
Johnny Cash 1965 being tranferred from El Paso County Jail to the Federal Courthouse.
Johnny Cash 1965 mugshot arrested for possession of hundreds of pep pills and tranquilizers after a trip to Juarez, Mexico.
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Flu Season and Masks

Lately I have seen many people wearing the protective ear loop disposable masks (aka surgical masks) out in public. I know it is flu season but I feel more people have been wearing these masks than normal. This could also be due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Either way I keep wondering if the person is contagious or cautious. I want to know if I am at risk or if they are. To combat this thought I have decided to go about this in two ways. The first way is every time someone is wearing a mask I will couch and/or sneeze around them. I will wait and see what their reaction is. If they freak out or move quickly I will know they are being cautious. If they stand there and look at me then I know I am the one at risk. Either way it will be a good experiment. Oh there is a third idea I have in mind. I will be the one to wear a surgical mask and walk next to someone. Then just as I’m about to sneeze I will remove the mask. After the sneeze I will look at them and simply go, “oh no” and quickly walk away. I believe this will be the reaction I am looking for.

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Farleigh Castle

Farleigh Castle also known as Farley Castle is a medieval castle in Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset, England. Although my family comes from Irish heritage I believe that my ancestors at some time in history controlled this castle. With that being said, I will begin to prepare for my campaign to conquer the castle and restore my family to the throne. I know this will not make me the king of England, however this will make me King of Farleigh Castle aka Farley Castle. From there we will focus on the rest of the country. So I ask you good knights who is with me?! Huzzah!!

P.S. For those of you wondering about my previous blogs about applying to become a chef and butler, yes I am still waiting for my interview; and no I do not think my conquest will effect my employment.

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Food Network

When I was at the gym the other day I noticed that just about everyone on the exercise equipment was watching TV. Most of the shows on the TVs were sports and news. Out of no where one of my brilliant ideas popped into my head. I decided to change some of the stations to The Food Network. At first no one noticed. Then out of no where a gentleman on the elliptical mumbles, “now who put this on?” Immediately after this the “can I speak to your manager” in him comes out. He gets down and walks to the desk asking for the remote. The young man at the desk walks over with the remote and notices several TVs with The Food Network on. He subtlety laughed under his breath. I’m glad he found it funny because the eight other people on the treadmills and ellipticals clearly did not.

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It Grew

My brother and his family are taking a road trip out of town for Presidents’ Day weekend. My nephew who is five years old is worried about his fish so he asked me to take care of him. Me being the favorite uncle of course said no. But after several minutes of him pestering me I agreed. So I now have this little fish which I have to feed everyday. All of the sudden I began thinking of all the mean things my older brother did to me. So I thought of an idea that would really give my brother and sister-in-law a run for their money. I was thinking about replacing the fish with something completely different. I began running down the list of animals and one really stood out to me. What if I replaced the fish with a baby alligator… I would simply tell my nephew that I accidentally gave the fish to much food and when I came down the next morning he looked like that. I think it would be hysterical. Why do my fans think? Should I do it?!

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While driving to work I was almost involved in an accident with a deer. I know what you’re thinking and no the deer was not driving a car. Instead, the deer just stood there in the middle of the road. As I approached the deer she eventually moved but into oncoming traffic. I was relived for myself but then I began to worry about the deer. That was until I saw a smart car approach the deer

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Date Night

The other day I took my goddaughter and sister out for pizza. As we were driving my sister said, “you know people are going to think we’re a family and that she’s your kid.” I said, “yah that’s weird, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen in case the waitress is cute.” As we continued with the joke my sister stated, “don’t worry I’ll make sure to say you’re my brother.” After she said this I quickly replied, “yes but maybe you should start with saying she’s my niece. You wouldn’t want them to think we’re one of thooose families…”

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