Have you Forgotten?

It has been 19 years since the cowardly attack on the United States. Never forget the 2,977 people that were killed in New York City, Washington, DC and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Never forget the 343 fire fighters, 23 police officers and 37 port authority officers who lost their lives in order to save those trapped inside. Remember the soldiers who have fought and are still fighting to ensure that a tragic event like this will never happen again. Freedom isn’t free, God bless America!

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Tommy Hawk

Farley’s Castle rarely engages in any political issues. However this statement by the Chicago Blackhawks organization must be shared. The Chicago Blackhawks released this statement on Tuesday in regards to the recent name changes of other sports teams. I wish the ignorant people in this country could only understand how our nations history is intended to educate not discriminate. “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

The Chicago Blackhawks name and logo symbolizes an important and historic person, Black Hawk of Illinois’ Sac & Fox Nation, whose leadership and life has inspired generations of Native Americans, veterans and the public.

We celebrate Black Hawk’s legacy by offering ongoing reverent examples of Native American culture, traditions and contributions, providing a platform for genuine dialogue with local and national Native American groups. As the team’s popularity grew over the past decade, so did that platform and our work with these important organizations.

We recognize there is a fine line between respect and disrespect, and we commend other teams for their willingness to engage in that conversation.

Moving forward, we are committed to raising the bar even higher to expand awareness of Black Hawk and the important contributions of all Native American people.

We will continue to serve as stewards of our name and identity, and will do so with a commitment to evolve. Our endeavors in this area have been sincere and multi-faceted, and the path forward will draw on that experience to grow as an organization and expand our efforts.”

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Born on the 4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

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Wearing a Mask is an Easy Task

People keep complaining about how wearing a mask sucks and they think they’re useless. I used to agree with these people, however, recently my thought process has changed. No-no, not because they can save lives or prevent the spread of Covid-19. I changed my mind about masks because of how they prevent many foul odors from entering your nostrils. I recently noticed this while I was in the store. As I took a quick mask break in a somewhat vacant aisle I noticed a terrible smell. I put the mask back on and the smell seemed to disappear. It took me a little while to figure out where the smell was coming from. Then I realized the man a few feet away from me was not wearing deodorant. This is when I realized the power of the mask. It blocks your smell senses! I decided to test this new found discovery. I walked up and down the aisle releasing a foul smelling odor. Typically people would look around or give a dirty look. But this time was different. People just kept shopping as if they didn’t notice! Of course the mask does block many facial expressions so it was difficult to tell sometimes; but that’s a minor hiccup. For now I believe the mask should always be worn in most public places.

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Stop the Spread!

Covid-19 still continues to spread throughout this country. I have sat by and kept my mouth shut long enough. I have created an east plan to help people that are living in apartments, condos, townhomes, etc. I have shared my ideas with my roommate and I don’t think he is entirely on board yet. So I have decided to test out plan next time he goes out of town. In order to combat the spread, I am going to start placing my garbage in a black garbage bag with duct tape it around a few times. This will prevent the garbage from spilling out and the bag from ripping. Then I will drag the bag down the stairs and put it into the dumpster. After this I will quickly wipe things down with bleach in order to stop the spread of Covid. I will also wear an apron, gloves and a mask. I have read this is also important to help slow the spread. To get a visual representation of what I will be wearing and what the bag will look like please see the pictures below. Join me in stopping the spread! Also before you tell your neighbors your plan, try it out yourself to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

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What the Fudd

I rarely discuss politics but something must be said. It has been brought to my attention that one of the most iconic cartoon characters has been disarmed and humiliated. He has been forced to lay down his arms as if it is 1774 Colonial America. The character I speak of is Elmer Fudd. For those of you that do not know Elmer Fudd then get cultured. He is the adversary of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and an “expert” hunter. Peter Browngardt (executive producer) refuses to use guns on his show. However, they will continue to use dynamite and other ACME products. This is the most idiotic thing to happened in 2020; and yes I know about everything that has happened so far this year. How many more years until America turns into the Lollipop Guild? America was once a strong nation of tough working men and women who were not afraid of failure. Now people cry when a dandelion blows away. It is a sad sad time to be an American. (P.S. I do not own the rights to any of the Warner Bros. Animation names or pictures. They are simply being used to show how unAmerican the production company has become)

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Food Reviews

Recently I have been reading many restaurant reviews. I usually read them after I attend a new establishment. However, lately I’ve been reading them for random places. Most of the reviews for these places are four stars or above, with many positive comments. But lately I have been reading reviews to less “hospitable” restaurants or at least that’s what the reviews suggest. I’m not talking about dumps and dives or even your local eateries. I’m talking about your basic chain restaurants such as Chili’s, Applebee’s or even The Olive Garden. It always amazes me some of the people that come to review these places. For instance one Applebee’s reviews had three out of five stars and several nasty reviews. Most of the reviews start with, “now I’m not one to complain” or “I rarely do this”. I just want to respond with, “listen here Helen the fact that you wrote a 2 paragraph essay on why not to attend a local Applebee’s shows me that this clearly isn’t your first time”. Also stop going to Applebee’s every week, it isn’t a TGI Friday’s for crying out loud.

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Quarantine Search History

I thought a fun challenge would be for everyone to look at their quarantine search history. I know what some of you are thinking, “ew gross”. To these people I say it’s called using the clear history button. So please join in and share your search history. Below is a few screen shots of mine. When I sent them to a couple people they said, “the FBI probably can’t tell if you’re a lunatic or an idiot.” Well I think this is just how my mind works; all over the place! Share on!

P.S. Try to keep it PG rated! Just kidding, share on!

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The Decay of Facebook

I have always been a supporter of Facebook. In face, I refuse to get a Twitter or Instagram because I believe in sticking to my roots! However, after trying to create an event I realized why people do not use “the book” anymore. Please review the picture below and look closely to the policy in red.

As you can see an event can only be two years in advance. I need to book this event before other people try to. It will be the party of a lifetime! Anyhow, please keep this date open.

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Donations or Sales

This isolation due to this Covid-19 pandemic has really been messing with my head. I have found myself researching random ideas and facts. I found out in order to sell or donate your sperm you must pass a series of intense tests and qualifications. For example, you must be at least 5’ 10”. This really upset me because for someone like myself who is vertically challenged, I found this to be a clear case of heightism. Due to my upset nature I decided to call Thomas to discuss my concerns. I said to Thomas, “can you believe this, they won’t take my sperm because I’m not five foot ten.” Thomas responded, “Ha-ha you have to be five foot ten? That sucks, sorry man.” But then I kept reading the qualifications. I said to Thomas, “Hey wait you can’t donate either… it says here sexual partners must be exclusively female.” The phone went silent after that. That sure showed him to be a heightist!

P.S. I have nothing against people that have relations with the same sex. This was merely for entertainment and humor purposes. If I offended you please allow me to fix that by having you not read my blog. Stay safe everyone!

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